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Affordable shade and rain protection for people, places, equipment, and inventory.

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Shade Canopies


Hip Ridge Shade


Tension Shade is Adaptable to Any Situation

Tension shade can be simple effective patio shade or majestic design statements. Designed and engineered for stability and durability, tension shade is usually attached to heavy duty posts. They can also be attached to other sturdy structures. Completely customized, tension shade structures can take on many shapes and sizes, and can be standard square, triangular, or cantilever in design. For the creative, multiple colors are available to create visually striking and artistic structures that complement any building or landscape style.

Water Resistant and Can Reduce Temperature Up To 20 Degrees

Unlike other building materials, cable-tensioned shade covers cool by creating air movement.  Hot air rises between the knitted High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) yarns without getting trapped inside.  This air convection enables inside temperature to drop up to 20 degrees!

They provide permanent sun protection for people, inventory, & equipment.  The fabrics are also water-resistant.  Over 90% of rain sheds during intense storms.  Given proper pitch, only fine mist passes between yarns during downpours.

Our sales engineers can assist you in surveying your space and finding the best configuration to meet your shade needs.

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