Motorized (or Manual) Retractable Awnings

Motorized Retractable Awnings are perfect for elegant sun and heat relief in Arizona’s demanding environment. You control when you want shade and when you want sun! Also available in manual options.


Retractable Awnings Are Perfect When You Want to Control the Shade

The Sun Control line of Retractable Awnings are a great way to shade your patio when you want to control when you want shade and when you want sun. They are also a great option when you don’t want a permanent shade structure or have setback (distance from rear property line) restrictions.

Retractable awnings can be extended out for shade or retracted back against your home by manual crank or motorized options. Arizona Rain Gutters & Shade Experts retractable awnings naturally extend your outdoor living space providing beauty, reduced energy costs and protection from the elements, particularly Arizona’s intense sun. Retractable awnings expand the interior of your home combining indoor comfort with refreshing outdoor living. Our retractable awnings are available in a wide range of fabric colors and patterns and options that add to your home’s personality and charm.

Retractable awnings provide a high level of UV protection, so stay outdoors longer without concern of the harmful effects of the sun. As an added benefit, your retractable awning will also prevent the direct sun which fades carpet and furniture coverings. Enjoy worry-free, outdoor living and experience elegant, on-demand solar protection with easy push-button or hand crank convenience.

Our retractable awnings effectively filter the sun’s light, creating a cool and relaxed environment. Solar heat gain is greatly reduced by limiting the amount of direct and indirect sunlight that enters a patio, window or door. The use of fabric awnings will reduce solar heat gain by up to 77 percent and lower indoor temperatures by 10-15 degrees.

4 Retractable Awning Models to Choose From

All of our retractable awnings are custom measured and custom built to meet your exact specifications. This means you get a custom fit and do not have to live with a standard sized awning. Our sales engineers will work with you and explain the different models and installation options to ensure you get a beautiful retractable awning that fits your outdoor space.

Tucson Model – Patio Awning

The Tucson Retractable Awning is a high quality, custom built retractable awning. The Tucson comes in widths from 8′ to 40′ in both manual and motorized configurations and projections from 6’11” to 13’1″. Widths over 23′ come in a split fabric roll. The Tucson features adjustable shoulders to level out the awning at projection, and the fabric rolls at the attachment to the home.

Catalina Model – Semi Cassette Patio Awning

The Catalina Retractable Awning comes in motorized and manual configurations. Sunbrella fabric is standard

Tucson XL Model – Large Projection Patio Awning

The Tucson XL Retractable Awning allows the awning to project farther out than the standard Tucson. The Tucson XL can extend out to

Sierra Model – Window Awning

The Sierra Window Awning is a high quality, custom built retractable awning. Installing the Sierra Window Awning to shade your windows, doors, or small patio opening will provide you with many years of shade and enjoyment.


Sun and Wind Sensors

Sensors detect the elements and can extend or retract your retractable awning automatically. A great feature on motorized retractable awnings, they do not replace the need to monitor your awning in very inclement weather.

Retractable Awnings
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