Shade Sails

Let us Design and Install Beautiful Shade Sails to Provide Relief from the Harsh Arizona Sun

Shade Sail Designs Provide Unique, Eye-catching Shade Environments

You have seen them at resorts, public areas, and other outdoor spaces. They make a great, unique shade option for homes, too. Pools, court yards, patios, and other applications give your home a unique and beautiful shade structure that blocks the Arizona sun.

Shade Sails Reduce the Temperature Under the Shaded Area Up To 20°

The high density polyethylene of our shade sails let hot air rise out of the top, between the knitting. This draws air from outside into the covered area, and creates continuous air movement. This effect is what provides the decrease in ambient air temperature up to 20 degrees.

Shade Sail Fabric Blocks up to 95% of Harmful UV Rays

Up to 95% of UVA and UVB rays are blocked, depending upon shade cloth color. Our engineers can help you decide the best color option for your application and location.

Shade Sails Provide Cooling Shade for Pools, Patios, and Play Areas

With more than 15 years of experience, Arizona Rain Gutters & Shade Experts have been pioneers in shade sails in Arizona. We have satisfied customers ranging from private residences to commercial environments to public facilities such as schools and public areas.

We have extremely experienced staff which is reflected in every job that we perform for our customers, through design and manufacturing to the installation process. We use the highest quality fabrics and fittings that meet Arizona safety specifications. We do not make any standard shapes or sizes of Shade Sails – every single job we do is customized to suit our client’s requirements. No fabric is cut until our poles are installed and the sail measurements checked to ensure 100% accuracy in fit and tolerance. We always monitor our manufacturing process closely to ensure the highest quality results.

Shade Sails