Arizona Rain Gutters

K-Style Seamless Rain Gutters – don’t let another rainy season go by without seamless rain gutters to protect your most important investment!

Avoid Damage to Your Home From Harsh Rains

Despite the minimum rainfall here in the Arizona Desert, when it does rain it pours! Seamless rain gutters provide protection from rotten and deteriorated fascia boards and foundation damage to your home. Water damage can be costly, so don’t let another rainy season go by without seamless rain gutters to protect your most important investment.

Professional Installation

We use state-of-the-art extruding (molding) machines to produce your seamless rain gutters on site. By using the on site molding process, your seamless rain gutters are created with no joints in the straight runs preventing leaks and sagging. During the installation of your seamless rain gutters, our expert installers will ensure water flow in the gutter with a level to make sure water is running properly out of your gutters to the downspouts.

K-Style Seamless Gutter

K-style seamless gutter is by far the most common gutter application. We offer both 5 and 6 inch K-style seamless rain gutters in a large variety of colors to match your fascia color or installation area. We rarely recommend 5″ gutter in Arizona. The ridge-to-eave distances and heavy downpours require the larger 6″ inch gutter. 5″ K-style gutters are designed for climates with light to moderate rainfall and/or roof areas with relatively short ridge-to-eave distances.

Downspouts come in a variety of sizes and colors. We offer 2×3 and 3×4 downspouts. We take the time to match your downspout to your house color, creating seamless rain gutters and downspouts that match the different colors of your fascia and house. This provides a beautiful and stealthy installation.

Seamless aluminum rain gutters are relatively low maintenance and the amount of accessories available make it standard application on any home. Available colors make it easy to match or accent your exterior color scheme.

Half-Round Gutter

For those that want more of an old-world charm, half-round gutter provides all the benefits of k-style gutter and requires more of an investment. Available in over 21 pre-finished colors, aluminum gutters are relatively low maintenance. If you want a more traditional look to your gutters that provide an aesthetic conversation piece, get half round gutters for your home.  Application to the home is more complex than standard k-style seamless gutters and our technicians are well trained in industry standards and can install your half-round gutters within a day depending on the linear feet needed.

Copper Gutter

Gutters from more traditional times!! Elegant, charming, historical and craftsmanship are just a few words that come to mind. Copper gutters represent a bygone era; a time when gutters were a warm addition – an accent – to any home. Application to the home is the most complex and costly as care must be taken to not touch any part of the copper with skin (oil leaves marks).

Copper starts to turn green when a patina develops on the copper. The patina can form from varying elements in the environment. The copper initially darkens from contact with oxygen to form copper oxide. When there is contact with carbon dioxide and copper, a copper carbonate forms. When either of these reacts to acidic rain or sulfur, the patina begins to form. The patina acts as a protective layer against further corrosion and gives it one of the most unique looks in the world.

Arizona Rain Gutters

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